Upcoming Shows:

  1. 4/30/11: Club Med (Heavy Focus 4)
  2. 5/27/11: The Borg Ward w/ Timothy C. Holehouse, Dan Of Earth, and TBA

Past Shows:

  1. 1/16/11: The Borg Ward w/ Socially Retarded, Black Bloc, 185-66-8232, Drumlins, Shock Value, and Mena

  2. 2010:
  3. 12/11/10: The Borg Ward w/ Sacrificial Massacre, Whiskey Toothpaste, and Joe Smith/MZRX
  4. 11/12/10: The Borg Ward w/ Autumn Burn, Infirmary, Leech, and MZRX
  5. 10/24/10: Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center (NoisefeSTL '10 in St. Louis, MO) w/ Solar Shadows, Sobou Shuu, Adolph Bunyan & The Nazi Lumberjacks, Matt Muslin, and Death Factory
  6. 9/25/10: The Borg Ward (Milwaukee Noise Fest 2010) w/ Eric Lunde, Jon Mueller and Dave Bailey, Peter J. Woods, Karl Paloucek, Xiphoid Dementia, Lucky Bone, Bryce Beverlin II, Seth Ryan, Nummy, and Dan Of Earth
  7. 9/6/10: The Borg Ward w/ Truthdealer, Scaphe, Peter J. Woods, and Custodian
  8. 8/6/10: The Borg Ward w/ Taskmaster, Rusalka, Being, Paranoid Time, Climax Denial, and Custodian
  9. 5/6/10: The Eagle's Nest w/ The Abominable Iron Sloth, Sender Receiver, Northless, and Coelacanth
  10. 3/14/10: The Borg Ward w/ Jason Soliday, Deterge, Koufar, and Anal Hearse
  11. 3/5/10: Goat Club (Xenia, OH) w/ CLVIII, Bill Tatalovich, and The Vehicle
  12. 3/4/10: Smiling Skull Saloon (Athens, OH) w/ Misfortunes, Pusdrainer, Vivi C. Diem, and Nyodene D
  13. 3/3/10: Grind Central Station (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Hollow Man, Lexoe, and Olchar Lindsann
  14. 3/2/10: MathBill's House (Broad Channel, New York, NY) w/ Nate Rulli, USA Baby, Opponents, and Self Avoiding War
  15. 2/28/10: Grey Matter Books (Hadley, MA) w/ Limbs Bin, Teacher's Lunch, and Noise Nomads
  16. 2/27/10: Starlab (Boston, MA) w/ Xela, Deftly D, Xiphoid Dementia, and Christopher Glenn
  17. 2/26/10: Soundlab (Buffalo, NY) w/ Mutus Libre, VWLS, and Pacing
  18. 2/25/10: The Division Avenue Arts Collective (Grand Rapids, MI) w/ Insurgent Theatre's "Ulysseus' Crewmen", Xtra Vomit, and Hegemonicide

  19. 2009:
  20. 11/28/09: The Rathole (Minneapolis, MN) w/ Endless Bummer, Grainbelt, Ice Volt, and Disthroned Agony
  21. 10/24/09: The Borg Ward (It's About To Get Cold As Fuck Fest) w/Face of Ruin, Guzzlemug, Gold, Busybodies, The Spur And The Long Lost, Strawberry Horsecake, Go Blind, E=MC Hammer, and Toad Throat
  22. 9/25/09: The Borg Ward (Milwaukee Noise Fest 2009) w/ Hal Rammel & Jim Schoenecker, Sigulda, xALLxFORxTHISx, Ice Volt, Kruse, Porcelain Dorsal Fin, Owlscry, Disthroned Agony, and Gnawed
  23. 9/5/09: The Borg Ward w/ Pedestrian Deposit, Earn, Peter J. Woods, and Mildew
  24. 7/14/09: The Borg Ward w/ Dead Times, Siege Engine, Black Kites, Captivity, Reptile Worship, and Owlscry
  25. 7/10/09: The Borg Ward w/ Is, Infirmary, Custodian, and Scrap Matter
  26. 6/13/09: The Borg Ward w/ Corephallism, Joshua Hydeman, Naomi Elizabeth, Climax Denial, and Anal Hearse
  27. 6/12/09: The Borg Ward w/ Realicide, Victory!, Stagediver, and Rex Winsome
  28. 6/5/09: The Borg Ward w/ Weak Sisters, Climax Denial, and Hatehearted
  29. 5/10/09: The Borg Ward w/ Thrones, Peter J. Woods, Northless, Reptile Worship, and Dear Astronaut
  30. 4/19/09: The Borg Ward w/ Yellow Crystal Star, Child Bride, and Sonic Typewriter
  31. 3/20/09: The Borg Ward w/ Waterdogs, Xiphoid Dementia, and Zerfallt
  32. 1/17/09: The Borg Ward (collab w/ Porcelain Dorsal Fin) w/ Monsters of Pot, Sloven, KBD, Jason Zeh, Jon Mueller, Peter J. Woods, Nummy, Eric Schauwitzer, Custodian
  33. 1/8/09: The Borg Ward w/ Aymeric Hainaux, Awkward Binoculars, Climax Denial, and Reptile Worship

  34. 2008:
  35. 12/19/08: The Borg Ward (Borg Ward Christmas Extravaganza) w/ Lord Of The Yum-Yum/IfIHadAHiFi, E=MC Hammer, and Dear Astronaut
  36. 10/19/08: Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center (NoisefeSTL '08 in St. Louis, MO) w/ Katchmare, UFO vs USA, Theducobserved, Yahn, Jigsaw Rhetoric, Swim Ignorant Fire, Evolve, and the Karthik Kakarala Ensemble
  37. 10/6/08: The Borg Ward w/ Slow Owls and Sonic Typewriter
  38. 9/25/08: The Borg Ward (Milwaukee Noise Fest 2008) w/ Burial Hex, Mumber Toes, Drunjus, Hal Rammel, Captivity, Porcelain Dorsal Fin, Sling, and The Demix
  39. 8/31/08: The Borg Ward w/ Realicide, Theducobserved, Insurgent Theatre's Paint The Town Red, Climax Denial, and Peter J. Woods
  40. 8/22/08: The Borg Ward w/ The Ultraviolents and Dear Astronaut
  41. 3/15/08: Six Flags Great America w/ The Man And The Scientist, Charlie J. Moneybags, Monster Sized Monster, and Peter J. Woods
  42. 2/15/08: Six Flags Great America w/ Crappy Dracula, E=MC Hammer, and Porcelain Dorsal Fin
  43. 1/11/08: Six Flags Great America w/ Raperies (Like Draperies), Nummy, Porcelain Dorsal Fin, and Slow Owls

If I fucked up any of the lineups (which is possible, especially on the out of town dates), let me know.